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How to Contribute to This OpenSoundControl website

The creators of this website ask OSC users and developers worldwide to contribute various kinds of content to the site (under the site’s CC-BY license) and/or to help with tasks in the site’s TO-DO list.

Contributing via Web Forms

The easiest way to contribute something is to fill out one of these web forms:

You do not have the be the author of the publication or the creator of the implementation to add content to the site.

Site editors will manually review form submissions and approve all legitimate additions to the site. The result of approved submissions is a TSV file whose rows are the various submitted items and whose columns are the fields for that type of item; a script automatically generates site pages from the TSV files.

Contributing via Git

All site content (both the source data and the programs that create the web pages) lives in the site’s git repository.

If you are comfortable using git then feel free to fork the repository and create a pull request for each proposed contribution to the site. (Don’t forget to add yourself to contributors.txt so you’ll appear in the site’s list of contributors.)

Please note that the script <> procedurally generates all of the .md files inside the implementations subdirectory; you must change information about an implementation in awkward tsv format instead of simply editing the resulting .md file. (It would be nice to change the implementation to use something like .yaml instead of .tsv to hold the structured table of implementation info.)

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