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Site Implementation To Do list


Fix the URLs in implementations.tsv that went into “Jeremy’s Homepage” column 3

Fix broken links from publications into


Fix broken URLs of 2004 conference publications


Make an implementations page for the original libOSC from

Get in some more of the known publications

More perspectives: /

Within TouchDesigner:

Make an actual “publications” page framing what this collection is and providing several views:

Make an actual “implementations” page saying we aspire to point to all known implementations. Provide several views:

Make OSC Conference 2004 publications link back to the page

Legacy Implementation Research

Find easily findable implementations:

Add lighting consoles such as

sendOSC and dumpOSC

Are these already on github? Yes!

Old web pages:

binary downloads would be great

Link to the new site page from the 98 OSC Kit publication page’s “context”


support TCP, websockets

Might need to rewrite in C++

Switch the Domain Name

Make sure the new site gets archived on

Charm offensive

Reveal the new site and ask people to contribute fresh info


Reach out to

CNMAT home page and email list

CCRMA announcements, facebook

Old Emails scraped from osc_dev list

Future improvements

A guide to OSC libraries, e.g., grouped by programming language and linking to pages in implementations/*.html

More introductory materials

Ongoing goals

ongoing OSC publications search

ongoing OSC implementations search

Make sure we have, e.g., github links, for all the implementations.

Link to every top-level page from the prose of the home page:

Site implementation improvements

Switch to MkDocs or Hugo or…?

Other structured site contributions

What other kinds of community contributions does the new site solicit? (List in contribute)

Do we want to structure these? If so, for each, need to:

Legacy content

Absorb old “application areas” content into a new introduction to OSC?

Decide whether to serve the legacy site at and if so how to make it visibly obvious that this is legacy content (e.g., big scary red preamble)

link to the old OSC-dev archives (again with a scary preamble)

What to do with files like legacy/2011-site/clean/files/

Legacy content editorial

Which of the “clean” scraped files should be kept for the new site? What needs to be updated or discarded?

Here’s what we have from the top-level folder of the legacy site that’s not yet on the new site:

re-implement the Drupal “book” structure of the legacy “developer resources”?

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