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Website Editors’ Workflow

The current editors of are Matt Wright and Jeremy Wagner.

This document is a place to gather notes, “recipes”, best practices, etc., related to the ongoing task of maintaining the content of

Information Architecture

The website’s information is structured as follows:

Making Small Changes Directly in GitHub

  1. Log into GitHub
  2. Our repo is
  3. Follow these general instructions, keeping these details in mind:
  4. Now somebody has to pull, build, and deploy

Accepting Content from Form Submissions

For example, for implementations.

  1. Go to the Sheet that contains new submissions. Look at the ones submitted since the last time you did this.

  2. “Accept” the new submissions:

  3. “Publish” the new submissions:

  4. Thank the contributors

Editing site content

E.g., to add a new page, or to edit an existing page (that is not auto-generated).

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