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Minuit : Propositions for a query system over OSC

Virage team. Minuit : Propositions for a query system over OSC. 2010. Web Article Publication.


Abstract: The Minuit protocol has been designed in order to experiment a communication between the Virage sequencer software (a prototype dedicated to handle cues and automations on a «time-stretchable-line») and any device or sotfware (like controllers or any media engine). In order to allow users to select the parameter to store, update or observe, Minuit propose some specifications for a query system based on OSC. The protocol is based on four requests to discover an OSC namespace, to get or set values and to be notified when any of them changes.

Context: This was a featured publication on the legacy (pre-2011) website, ported to the new site by Matt Wright in early 2021

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