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An Open Architecture for Real-Time Audio Processing Software

Amar Chaudhary, Adrian Freed, Matthew Wright. An Open Architecture for Real-Time Audio Processing Software. 1999. Audio Engineering Society 107th Convention.


Download: files/1999-AES-osw.pdf

Abstract: OSW, or “Open Sound World,” allows development of audio applications using patching, C++, high-level specifications and scripting. In OSW, components called “transforms” are dynamically configured into larger units called “patches.” New components can be expressed using familiar mathematical definitions without deep knowledge of C++. High-level specifications of transforms are created using the “Externalizer,” and are compiled and loaded into a running OSW environment. The data used by transforms can have any valid C++ type. OSW uses a reactive real-time scheduler that safely and efficiently handles multiple processors, time sources and synchronous data flows.

Context: Adrian Freed kindly provided a parseable collection of OSC-related papers from his website, ported to the new site by Matt Wright in May 2021

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