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status: Legacy

Project Type: network analyser plugin

Project URL:

OSC Documentation URL:


The plugin is written as a heuristic dissector, e.g. it will automatically recognize valid OSC packets on any non-assigned UDP and TCP port and bind future communication to the OSC protocol for the remaining session. (quoted from github page)

Implementation Details

Platform(s): Linux, Macintosh, Windows

Features: Bundle Support, Packet Parsing

Supported OSC types: b: blob, c: char, d: float64, f: float32, F: false, h: int64, i: int32, I: infinitum, m: MIDI message, N: null, r: RGBA color, s: string, S: symbol, t: timetag, T: true

Bundle support: Reads Bundles

Transport support: UDP, TCP

Submitted to by Karl Yerkes at 5/19/2021 13:21:20

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