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python-osc 1.7.4

status: Active / maintained (as of 4/20/2021)

Status details: Active

Project Type: Programming Language Library

Project URL:

OSC Documentation URL:


Open Sound Control server and client implementations in pure python (3.5+). This library was developped following the specifications at and is currently in a stable state. python-osc is a pure python library that has no external dependencies, to install it just use pip (prefered):

Implementation Details

Platform(s): Platform independent

Features: Bundle Support, Packet Construction, Packet Parsing, Timetag Support

Supported OSC types: b: blob, d: float64, f: float32, h: int64, i: int32, m: MIDI message, s: string

Bundle support: Creates Bundles, Reads Bundles, Supports Nested Bundles

Transport support: None / Transport Independent

Submitted to by Jeremy Wagner (Admin) at 4/3/2021 20:43:35

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