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status: Active / maintained (as of 4/2/2021)

Project Type: Programming Language Library

Project URL:

OSC Documentation URL:


OpenSoundControl is an UDP based network protocol, that is designed for fast dispatching of time-sensitive messages, as the name suggests, it was designed as a replacement for MIDI, but applies well to other situations. The protocol is simple to use, OSC addresses look like http URLs, and accept various basic types, such as string, float, int, etc. You can think of it basically as an http POST, with less overhead.

Implementation Details

Platform(s): Platform independent

Features: Bundle Support, Packet Construction, Packet Parsing

Supported OSC types: b: blob, c: char, d: float64, f: float32, F: false, h: int64, i: int32, I: infinitum, m: MIDI message, N: null, r: RGBA color, s: string, S: symbol, t: timetag, T: true, []: array

Bundle support: Creates Bundles, Reads Bundles, Supports Nested Bundles

Transport support: None / Transport Independent

Submitted to by Gabriel Pettier at 4/3/2021 20:53:09

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