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status: active (as of 16-Aug-22)

Project Type: Programming Language Library

Project URL:

OSC Documentation URL:


A common-lisp implementation of the Open Sound Control Protocol, which should be close to ansi standard, and does not rely on any external code/ffi/etc+ to do the basic encoding and decoding of messages and bundles. so far, it seems reasonably compatible with the packets sent to and from max-msp, pd, supercollider and liblo.

Implementation Details

Platform(s): Any / Platform Independent

Features: Packet Parsing, Packet Construction, Bundle Support

Supported OSC types: i: int32, b: blob, s: string, f: float32, h: int64

Bundle support: Reads Bundles, Creates Bundles

Transport support: None / Transport Independent

Submitted to by nik gaffney at 8/16/22 9:00

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