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status: Active / maintained (as of 4/2/2021)

Status details: Active

Project Type: Software Application

Project URL:

OSC Documentation URL:


The Wekinator allows users to build new interactive systems by demonstrating human actions and computer responses, instead of writing programming code. It allows anyone to use machine learning to build new musical instruments, gestural game controllers, computer vision or computer listening systems, and more. The Wekinator is free, open source software. Wekinator 1.0 was originally created in 2009 by Rebecca Fiebrink. In 2015, Rebecca released Wekinator 2.0, an entirely new version with redesigned interactions, new algorithms, and ability to connect easily to dozens of other creative coding tools and sensors. Wekinator 2.0 continues to be gently updated with bug fixes and feature requests.

Implementation Details

Platform(s): Macintosh, Windows

Features: Unknown

Supported OSC types: Unkown

Bundle support: Creates Bundles, Reads Bundles, Supports Nested Bundles

Transport support: UDP, TCP


Submitted to by Jeremy Wagner (Admin) at 4/3/2021 20:28:20

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