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TJShow (show controller software)

status: Active (as of 11-Mar-21)

Status details: Site is live, but difficult to say how active.

Project Type: Software Application

Project URL:


TJShow is a show controller that can control a wide range of devices through protocols such as DMX512, MIDI and (in the latest development version) OSC. TJShow allows show designers to link OSC paths to cues (so timelines can be triggered from OSC) or variables (variable can be changed through OSC). Currently, it only supports UDP/IP as transport for OSC. The TJShow input system (which also handles MIDI input) internally uses OSC patterns and OSC URL’s (so pattern matching with OSC will work like it should).

Newer versions of TJShow will also be able to send OSC messages.

Implementation Details

Platform(s): Windows

Features: Packet Parsing, Packet Construction, Bundle Support, Wildcard Matching Support, Stateless Interface

Supported OSC types: i: int32, b: blob, s: string, f: float32, h: int64, d: float64, c: char, r: RGBA color, m: MIDI message, T: true, F: false, N: null, I: infinitum

Bundle support: Reads Bundles

Timetag support: Performs scheduling on received timestamped data

Transport support: UDP, Bidirectional UDP (via sendto/recvfrom)

Submitted to by Legacy at 2/24/21 12:33

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