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status: Active/Legacy (as of 15-Mar-21)

Status details: Last updated in 2012

Project Type: Software Application

Project URL:

OSC Documentation URL:


OSControl is a general purpose OSC sending/receiving user interface toolkit. The toolkit is built using the Bespoke OSC library and is completely written in C#. It offers a graphical editor and save/read capabilities to XML file. The following types of Controls can be used and configured for custom needs: - Button (Toggle/Trigger/Hold) - Chatter (generic sending/receiving control) - Fader - Knob (Potentiometer/endless Rotary) - LED - Scope (X/Y field) - Standard .NET controls like Label, GroupBox, etc…

Implementation Details

Platform(s): Windows

Supported OSC types: i: int32, b: blob, s: string, f: float32

Transport support: UDP, TCP

Submitted to by Legacy at 2/24/21 12:32

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