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Logic Pro/Express

status: active at different link (as of 19-Mar-21)

Status details: the closest thing i can find to a website is the help forum for OSC from apple/logic

Project Type: Software Application

Project URL:


Starting with version 9.1.2 (latest version: 9.1.6), Logic Pro and Logic Express support OSC in their control surface support. Third parties can create plug-ins which communicate with control surface hardware via OSC rather than MIDI. Plug-n-Play installation via Bonjour is supported. Logic already comes with a plug-in for TouchOSC. For further details, please contact Michael Wong (

Implementation Details

Platform(s): Macintosh

Features: Packet Parsing, Packet Construction, Bundle Support

Supported OSC types: i: int32, s: string, f: float32, h: int64, d: float64, T: true, F: false

Bundle support: Reads Bundles, Creates Bundles

Transport support: UDP

Submitted to by Legacy at 2/24/21 12:32

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