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status: Unknown/defunct (as of 19-Mar-21)

Status details: unable to reach as well as both of these links. Seems like the server for their site is down.

Project Type: Programming Language Library

Project URL:

OSC Documentation URL:


Lily is an Open Source, browser-based, visual programming environment written in JavaScript. Lily enables users to build programs graphically by connecting functional modules to fetch and direct the flow of data, play sound or video, add interactivity or display results. Lily programs can be shared with other Lily users, installed as Firefox add-ons or run as standalone apps using XULrunner. Its OSC support is based on JavaOSC.

Implementation Details

Platform(s): Windows, Linux, Macintosh

Features: Packet Parsing, Packet Construction

Supported OSC types: i: int32, s: string, f: float32, T: true, F: false

Transport support: UDP

Submitted to by Legacy at 2/24/21 12:32

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