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CNMAT OSC Milestones

Quasi-timeline linking to some of the ideas and research leading to the development of OSC.

1989-??? Buchla Thunder. David Wessel’s composition / improvisation / instrument-design process was centered around the Thunder in these years.

1990-1993: NeXT Cube had musical applications.

1993-97 SGI Indy could synthesise hundreds of additive synthesis partials in real-time on the main CPU.

Adrian Freed’s softcast additive synthesizer ran on Indy CPU and could synthesize hundreds of partials in realtime:

1996 SynthControl “protocol” to control softcast:

1997 CAST OSC Implementation:

1998 revised CAST OSC implementation:

In particular OSC could control the “transforms” of the spectral models (aka “timbral prototypes”) These included:

CAST release 1.13 used OSC:

OSC homepage 1999:

2002 Spec: <spec-1_0.html>

To do sinusoidal analysis/synthesis today you could try Michael Klingbeil’s SPEAR (sound file to SDIF file):

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